Swifty Touch is a giant tactile table,
the first multiplayer platform dedicated to educational
and recreational activities.
Swifty Touch is revolutionizing the game’s world.

Swifty Touch includes a range of games using mental cognition abilities : from memory games to speed games as well as games testing reflexes. With a 3D interface which is both colorful and responsive, children can play various activities such as: moving acrobatic lizards in a crazy race, throwing penguins from one ice pack to another, saving cows from a tornado.

Thanks to Swifty Touch, children can play together, in complete autonomy and safety. Furthermore, through different interactive ways (touching, cutting, hitting, moving, capturing, sliding…) participants play and learn, individually or in group. 

The educational dimension is very present, behind the playful aspect, as our games call on cognition capacities which are present at any age : memory, speed, observation, ability, coordination.
Some can be used at the same time and all offer different sensations.

Thanks to Swifty Touch the “players” learn while having fun and learning becomes a game.
Designed in a very dynamic environment, Swifty Touch brings to children, teenagers and adults, a new and incomparable game experience.Whatever your age, come and share the magic of Pookai Land with Swifty Touch.

We can also, if you so wish, personalize to any degree Swifty Touch’s graphic interface in order to make it unique and individual to correspond to your wishes, your brand your colours.

Tactile table 40’/42’.
1 to 8 users
Multi touch: unlimited contact points

Children size : H70cm, W117cm, L79 cm
Glossy anti-scratch treatment
Tactile Plexiglas HC 8mm, waterproof and anti-scratch

Electromagnetic start key

Extras :
Different payment options : coins, tokens, different number of players
Personalized display options (42’/46’)

Different combinations of colors to choose from.

SWIFTY TOUCH is also a world of 8 crazy educational games.







Jury award , 2013

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