Dremtronic offers the trade new tools to master communication.

Whether it is screens controlled by tactile tablets, or interactive transparent screens, Dreamtronic is at the forefront in the use of new communication tools.



Whether you are restaurant owners, government organizations, estate agencies, hoteliers, communication agencies…..as long as you deal with the public, you must give clear and accurate information. However that information changes constantly ( weather forecast, menus, visitors, conferences, trade fairs….) you need to update it several times a day.

The difficulty is often to change just one element on your display screens.

With our help, you have access to real time information on each of your screens and you can alter one of them without it affecting the others. The modification is instantaneous. The information is updated, which avoids you endless, useless and irrelevant questions. 




With SWIFTY GLASS , you are able to draw your clients’ attention with a very innovative product : a transparent and tactile screen.

Thanks to this new technology, just out of the laboratories, you have at your disposal an original promotional tool.

The technology of transparent tactile screens enables to mix real and virtual communication!
Imagine displaying in front of your product different type of information: images, videos, plans….
Imagine virtually unlimited interactions showcasing your product.

SWIFTY GLASS brings communication tools right up to date and allows your clients to discover
your products in a revolutionary manner.



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