About us

We are dreaming together
about the future.


“Dreamtronic is a company specialized in the integration, on a daily basis, of the new man-machine interaction. Since the development and marketing of Swifty Touch, the first giant games table, Dreamtronic has never ceased to acquire new skills and new technologies. Thus, after the tactile ‘giant format’, Dreamtronic made the interactive and dynamic cinema technologies its own, thanks to a partnership with one of Europe’s leisure leaders. Besides its abilities to make the viewer interact and involve himself in his leisure activity, we have developed, always with professionals in mind, systems which enable them to interact in real time in all their communications. The integration of these new innovative technologies, has also allowed us to offer the leisure parks new tools to improve their image and profitability. Lastly, and this is where our strength lies, thanks to the know-how of Dreamtronic’s teams, we master the whole process, from the idea to the end product. Swifty Lab makes your projects happen. »


Dévelopers Programmers

Developers and programmers are essential in the digital creation. In addition to having a perfect knowledge of programming, video games dynamics, and how best to use graphic tools, our developers make suggestions and innovate. 



Essential part of any project, our screenwriters create the main link of all our projects. A good script is made up of clearly identifiable actors adapted to the role. The ‘Quest’ or aim of the project must also be visible, legible and realistic. Depending on the project, a framework must be put in place, neither too simple nor too complex. Because of their diverse projects, our screenwriters will know how to bring your project to life.


Game designers

Their mission is primarily to set the scene with the visuals and animations in the game. In the context of a project, their mission is to make sure there is coherence between the different elements of the game: scenarios, movements, animations, actors, perspective effects, end product……

Not forgetting to make the interface consistent with the public for which it is intended.


Projects Leaders

Gather up all the constrains relative to the project. Prioritize the axes of development in order to establish a road map and a works schedule. Identify the needs in material and Human Resources. Establish a detailed work plan for all the different phases of development, including any eventual extra work. Ensure a good working relationship between the different actors of the project, management team, creative team and technical team. Very skilled and knowing the needs of our clients, our project managers are an essential part of our teams.


Graphic designers

The graphic designers must create and design 2D and 3D visuals of characters, real or imaginary with their own characteristics and extra features. They also create title and menu screens, interface and animations. They are asked to take part in the conception as much with the design as with the ergonomic aspects. They also help find technical solutions in order to guarantee the integration of the production. They make suggestions about the different visual aspects and props. Never losing sight of the complete functionality and ergonomics, they comply with the road map set and the imposed restrictions. Mastering different graphic design software, they bring to life our characters and our universe.



Vital role as it guarantees the accessibility of the project to users. With his knowledge of the target audience, of the ergonomics concepts, his scope is extensive; conception of the interfaces, tools and services related. His recommendations are included in future work, in order to be taken into account in the conception of the project. He is one of the key factors in the design of the prototypes.


3D animators

The 3D animator creates character and object animations in games, films, etc. He works from 3D models and takes part in the ‘Gameplay’ and cinematic visuals. He has numerous skills in the field of creation and getting the best out of high quality animations. He must respect technical constrains, while at the same time following the progress of the project.

We help you stand out from the crowd


Dreamtronic is not just a company that markets a “giant games console”.
Thanks to its team of creators and its Research and Development laboratory,
Dreamtronic is able to design, write and produce all types of projects. It is the same for your ideas!….
Our mastering of innovative man-machine interface, our creative capabilities and our listening skills enable us to be creative, in total harmony with your needs. Dreamtronic has established itself as the forerunner in the integration of the new technologies plunging the viewer
at the heart of his chosen leisure activity.



Dreamtronic was born thanks to men’s fertile imagination, which with a good sense of reality, have surrounded themselves with a skilled and disciplined team. That is how, Swifty Touch, our best known product, was born : the founders of Dreamtronic, passionate of video games and new technologies, realized that their existing leisure activities recreations could evolve in order to offer new leisure prospects. Currently, Swifty touch is interesting for diverse sectors, from local restaurant owners to the fast food chain. From a museum wanting to renew and update its clientele to an airport terminal for its VIP salons, but also the local campsite wanting to personalize its youth recreation area, etc.
The evolution of Swifty Touch being limited only by the client’s imagination, the same thing goes for tomorrow’s technologies. Whether it is the use of reality enhancing goggles and headsets or transparent tactile screens, movement detectors, we master them all.

Thus, all these technologies as attractive as they may be, are still only gadgets if they are not fully optimized to be used to their full potential.
Our team follows closely the latest trends, their evolutions and progress.
For example, our tactile units have gone from 32 contact point to an unlimited number.
This leads us to imagine their uses for the future.

That is why we present ourselves as partner for your projects.
From a “crazy idea” on paper, we take the time together with you to bring your dreams to life so that they may one day be part of our everyday environment.

Dreamtronic, your projects for tomorrow are our ideas for today.


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